Welcome to MountCart Affiliate Program

 MountCart Affiliate Program provides you a platform to earn some extra money from our affiliate program. Affiliation Program helps content creators, publishers, and bloggers to increase their traffic and sale and earn some extra money and also giving chance to our customers to earn money by sharing products on our social media and other platforms.

How does the affiliate program work?

The affiliate program handles the affiliate accounts by tracking which affiliate has referred visitors to the website and rewards them with a specific commission based on what the referred visitors did on the website (purchase, sign-ups, etc).

Affiliates use the affiliate referral link/URL to promote the current website or products. Specific affiliates are tracked because their IDs or username are appended to their URL, therefore the system can track which affiliate link brought a customer to your website. If the customer successfully completes a conversion(i.e. a sale, or a form submission), a referral will be generated and the affiliate will be awarded a commission.

How does the process work?

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MountCart Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program is the process of earning a commission by sharing products and links and driving traffic to your website by posting links and products. You can earn up to 10% commission.

How can I join MountCart Affiliate Program?

You can register for free, Just fill in the all details in the registration form and Sign-up and Click on Register now.

How can I earn money?

You can earn money by sharing products and links on your social media platform or personal website. It is the fastest way to earn money. MountCart affiliate provides you with the highest commission.

What are the payment methods?

We are providing One payment methods (Bank transfer). Your earned amount will be transferred to your linked bank account on the last date of each month. 

How can I find an affiliate link for a share?

You can find the affiliate link from your dashboard and from the flash bar. you have to just open the single product page and you will see the flash bar on top where you can generate a share link.

How much do I have to pay to join the program?

It is free, with no cost you have to pay for joining our affiliate program.

How can I track the commission?

You can track your commission directly from your dashboard. Click on the report tab and see the all details like Report, Traffic, Referral history. You will receive your commission on each successful purchase by customers which you bought on our website by your shared referral link.

How do your tracking cookies last?

The cookies will be stored for the last 30days only.

What if the customers cancel or return the products?

MountCart has a 7 days return policy. Products purchased through your affiliate link might get canceled or Returned Within 7 days. We will pay to the affiliate only for products that are not returned in these 7 days

How much is the commission rate?

Commission rate is different for different ranks/Levels. If you will achieve a high level your commission rate will be increased Check the 4 Levels below.

MountCart Affiliate Ranks

RANKS                                                COMMISSION (Rs)(Per Sale)                                                                                          ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL  
BASIC                                                                                                                                                    Rs. 15   NONE  
SILVER                                                      Rs. 20   Rs 4000  
GOLD                                                      Rs. 25   Rs 6000  
DIAMOND                                                      Rs. 35   Rs. 12000